Best answer: How do I comment in Confluence?

How do I annotate in Confluence?

Annotations for Confluence

All you need to do is to select the required word, sentence or paragraph and click the Annotate button. When you click this button, the app shows you the author, the date when he or she made the changes and the revision of the document.

How do you add a comment in Makefile?

# ‘ in a line of a makefile starts a comment. It and the rest of the line are ignored, except that a trailing backslash not escaped by another backslash will continue the comment across multiple lines. A line containing just a comment (with perhaps spaces before it) is effectively blank, and is ignored.

How do you add a comment to a Wiki page?

Step 1: Within the wiki space, if there are multiple pages, choose the specific wiki page from the list on the right. Step 2: Click the Comment button and type your comment in the box. Step 3: Click Add. All comments are listed from oldest to newest.

How do I add a comment to a line in Confluence?

Add an inline comment

  1. Highlight the text you want to comment on.
  2. Choose the add comment button that appears above the highlighted text.
  3. Type your comment and choose Save (Ctrl+S or ⌘+S)
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What is inline commenting?

Inline comments are all comments not included in doc blocs. The goal of in line commenting is to explain code in context. Such explanation may take many different forms. Comments that are written in a readable and narrative style, especially when explaining a complex process, are encouraged.

How do you insert a comment in Outlook?

Insert comment callouts into email message in Outlook

  1. Compose your new email by clicking New Email button. …
  2. Highlight (double click on or select) the word or text which you want to comment on.
  3. Then press Ctrl + Alt + M to insert the comment.

Can I edit an image in Confluence?

Quickly edit and annotate images from directly within Atlassian’s Confluence. Simply click the “Sketch” button at the top of a page to edit any image you want. No downloading, no third party apps required, no siloes, no fuss.

How do you comment multiple lines?

Let’s have a look at them!

  1. Using multiple single # line comments. You can use # in Python to comment a single line: # THIS IS A SINGLE LINE COMMENT. …
  2. Using triple-quoted string literals. Another way to add multiline comments is to use triple-quoted, multi-line strings.

What do you mean by comment?

1 : an expression of opinion either in speech or writing The most frequent comment was that service was slow. 2 : mention of something that deserves notice I’d like to make a few general comments before we begin class.

How do I create a variable in Makefile?

How to Use Variables

  1. A variable is a name defined in a makefile to represent a string of text, called the variable’s value. …
  2. To substitute a variable’s value, write a dollar sign followed by the name of the variable in parentheses or braces: either `$(foo)’ or `${foo}’ is a valid reference to the variable foo .
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