Best answer: How do I repost a post in Slack?

How do I forward a message in Slack?

Forward a Slack message by email

  1. Hover the Slack message you want to forward and open the ⋮ More actions menu. (Cannot find it? …
  2. Choose Forward by email. This opens a popup window.
  3. Compose your email. Type your Recipients list (press the ••• button for Cc/Bcc) and the Subject line.

How do I follow a thread on Slack?

If you see a thread that you wish to follow – but haven’t contributed to – you can still follow the thread for updates. All you need to do is hover over the message and click the three dots menu. Then choose the first option “Get notified about new replies” and you’ll be following this Slack thread.

What can a Slackbot do?

Slack chatbots, also known as Slackbots, can be designed to undertake a huge variety of tasks. From acting as email management tools, sending reminders and notifications to team members, gathering and analyzing data, and even boosting company morale, the opportunities are endless.

How do I forward email to Slack?

Click Messages & media. Scroll down to Bring emails into Slack, then click Get a Forwarding Address. Slack will generate a forwarding email address. Click Copy and use the forwarding address to set up a forwarding rule in your email client if you’d like.

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Can a thread create another thread?

Yes. The typical problem, however, is that the work/threads are not constrained. Using the approach you have outlined, it’s easy to spawn many threads and have an illogically high number of threads for the work which must be executed on a limited number of cores.

How do I automatically follow all threads in Slack?

You can click to expand and see all the replies to a thread, which are arranged chronologically. Every time you add your own response, you automatically “follow” that thread, and you’ll get updates for all the threads you follow in a new category called “All Threads,” which appears on the right-hand sidebar of Slack.

How do you hit enter in slack without sending?

Guess what, there’s a simple solution! When you want to format your message a bit better and add a few more lines of text to enhance a bullet point list of any kind of detailed info, simply hold SHIFT and press RETURN on Mac or ENTER on PC. That’s it!

How do I reply to a specific message in slack?

Start or reply to a thread

  1. Hover over the message you’d like to reply to.
  2. Click the Reply in thread icon.
  3. Type your reply.
  4. Send your message.