Best answer: How do you avail Notion for students?

How do you get notion Pro for free for students?

Simply sign up with your school email address and you’ll immediately gain access to these features. If you’re already on a Personal Pro Plan, change the email associated with your account to your school email address to get it for free.

Can my school access my Notion?

Starting today, Notion is FREE for all students! Sign up with your school email to get unlimited storage, unlimited uploads, version history & more.

How do you use Notion without an account?

To share a Notion page without login, select Share at the top, then click the toggle next to Share to Web. Now all you need to do is copy the URL that appears beneath it and share this with whoever you want to have access to the page.

Is Notion good for highschool students?

Having a digital planning system like Notion can be extremely beneficial for all students, so make sure to use it to your advantage!

Is Notion good for students Reddit?

For students learning programming, Notion is ideal. First, you can store code blocks with actual syntax highlighting. You can also do inline code. The formatting options are way better than both OneNote and EverNote.

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