Can a story be deleted in Jira?

Can we delete user story in Jira?

Welcome to the community. Check your permission scheme go to project >project settings> permission and look fot the delete issue permission.

Can Jira tickets be deleted?

To be able to delete an issue in Jira you need to have the correct project permission to do so. Check out a similar question. You will need to set yourself the permission Delete Issues on the project’s permission scheme. in the project settings.

Can I delete a subtask in Jira?

You can then delete the original sub-task issue type without affecting existing work. Under ISSUE TYPES, select Sub-tasks. Find the relevant sub-task issue type and click Delete.

How do I delete a story on backlog?

Click on a title or ID anywhere within the application. On the asset details page, select Delete from the Edit drop-down button. Click Delete to confirm.

How do I delete a story on kanban?

You want to delete the issue that is being shown on one or many boards. To do this, go into the issue and look for “delete” in the options. If you don’t have it, you will need to talk to an admin in order to get the permission.

How do I reject a task in Jira?

Approve or decline an issue from the old issue view

  1. Go to the issue that you want to approve or decline.
  2. Under the issue’s summary, select Approve or Decline.
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How do I cancel a JIRA ticket?

Open your workflow : Issues > Workflows > Choose your workflow and click Edit. Add a new status and check the box “Allow all statuses to transition to this one” In text view, edit the transition to the new status, for exemple Cancelled (51) >> Cancelled.