Can Microsoft Teams call my phone?

How do I get Microsoft Teams to call my phone?

Click Join to join a meeting, then Phone audio on the Choose your video and audio options screen, and click Join now. From here, users can have the meeting call and join them or dial in manually to the meeting. On the Use phone for audio screen, the user enters their phone number, and then clicks Call me.

Does Microsoft Teams allow phone calls?

Calling in Teams supports basic Phone System features, such as call answering and initiating (by name and number) with integrated dial pad, call holding and retrieving, call forwarding and simultaneous ringing, call history, voicemail, and emergency calling.

Can Teams call a phone number?

To dial a number from Teams, go to Calls, click Dial a number, and then enter the number of the person you want to reach. In the Calls area, you can also access favorite and suggested contacts, listen to your voicemail, and check your call history. …

Why doesn’t my Teams meeting have a phone number?

If a dial-in number is not available for a meeting, the feature may not have been configured by your IT admin, or the correct licenses may not have been purchased or applied. You must send the meeting invite to at least one person for the dial-in info and Join link to appear.

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How do I enable phone audio in Microsoft Teams?

Using the Microsoft Teams admin center

In the left navigation, click Users, and then select the user from the list of available users. Next to Audio Conferencing, click Edit. In the Audio Conferencing pane, you can set the Toll number and, if allowed, the Toll-free number.

Why can’t I call on Teams?

Microsoft Teams may sometimes throw the following error message: “You can’t make or get calls right now. Try restarting the app. That might solve the problem.”. … As the alert suggests, restarting the Teams desktop app does help.

What is my Teams phone number?

Using the Microsoft Teams admin center

In the left navigation of the admin center, go to Voice > Phone numbers to view the numbers for your organization, including location, number type, and status information.