Does Confluence have versioning?

Does Confluence have version history?

Confluence’s Page History Feature

You can access the history of a Confluence page from the Tools > Page History menu. On this page, you can compare versions, and restore or delete previous versions. Atlassian describes entries in the page history as ‘versions’.

How do I add a version to Confluence?

All you have to do is define a page or a page tree as a document and then you can manually save a version or snapshot at any point in time. Depending on your workflow, you can choose to base these versions on the current version of the document or any of the other versions you’ve created.

Can we automate Confluence?

Making Confluence more automated

With the launch of ScriptRunner for Confluence, the same approach has been applied to Atlassian’s collaboration and knowledge management tool. You can extend Confluence events, dynamically insert data, customise menus and dialogs and script macros without needing to write add-ons.

Does Confluence have workflow?

Workflows for Confluence transforms how documents and pages are created, approved and published in Confluence. The powerful workflow editor allows you to build custom workflows that are tailored to your team or organisation.

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How do I get an older version of Confluence?

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  1. Open the current page they have been saving over.
  2. Select Page History from the […]
  3. Click the name of the page you want to revert to, Confluence should show you preview of the page. With a warning that you are viewing an old version of the page.
  4. Click the […] button again and this time select copy.

How do I view changes in Confluence?


  1. Navigate to the document in Confluence.
  2. Click the … button in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Page History.
  4. Check the version last viewed as well as the newest version.
  5. Click the “Compare selected versions” button.

What is the current version of Confluence?

Confluence 7.0 – September 2019.

How do I manage versioning in Jira?

Managing a project’s versions

  1. Choose Administration ( ) > Projects, and select the relevant project.
  2. Choose Versions in the left menu. The Versions page is displayed, showing a list of versions and each version’s status. From here you can manage the project’s versions as described on this page.

How do I automate a Confluence page?

Automating the creation of a Confluence page linked to a Jira ticket

  1. Go to Project Settings -> Automation and create a new rule.
  2. Choose your trigger. …
  3. Add any conditions you’d like to have; in this case I’m having the rule run only when tasks are created.
  4. Add your action, which will be Send Web Request.

How do I automate a confluence in Jira?

One way to connect Jira Automation with Confluence is to use the plugin mailto. wiki – Send Emails to Confluence. Jira Automation can send emails as action and mailto. wiki can convert emails into Confluence pages/posts.

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How do I enable automation in Jira?

Creating a rule

  1. Navigate to your Automation settings and select Create rule in the top-right corner.
  2. Select the Issue created trigger, and select Save.
  3. Select New condition, and select the Issue fields condition.
  4. Configure the condition as follows: …
  5. Select New action, and select the Create sub-tasks action.