Frequent question: How do I add a new avatar in Jira?

What is a Jira avatar?

An avatar is a visual representation of a user or entity. ExamplesCodeUsage.

How do I change my atlassian profile picture?

Set your profile picture

  1. Choose your profile picture at the right side of the navigation, then choose Profile.
  2. Hover over your profile picture, then tap the camera icon that appears.
  3. Select Change profile picture from the dropdown menu.
  4. Tap Upload a photo, then select the image you’d like to use.

How do I change a project in Jira?

To move an issue:

  1. View the issue that you wish to move.
  2. Select More > Move.
  3. The first page of the Move Issue wizard is displayed. Complete the steps required.
  4. The confirmation page will display with all of your changes. …
  5. Your issue will be moved to the target project and displayed on screen.

How do I change project settings in Jira?

Choose the project you want to configure. Go to your project and click Project settings. Use the links on the sidebar navigate between the different project settings.

How do I use Gravatar in Jira?

To enable Gravatars for JIRA, go to Administration > Issues > General Configuration > Edit Configuration and select ON under the Use Gravatar for user avatars option.

How do I update my Jira profile?

View and update your profile

  1. Select your avatar in the navigation and choose Profile.
  2. Choose Edit profile.
  3. Update the relevant details and choose Save.
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How do I add an avatar to Confluence?

Hover your mouse-over the picture to see the Hover Profile for the user, and choose the user’s picture or name to view their user profile.

Use the Profile Picture macro

  1. In the Confluence editor, select > View more.
  2. Find the item to be inserted and select it.
  3. Select Insert.

How do I add a profile picture on tuned?

To change your profile photo or cover photo:

  1. Go to the My Profile tab.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Choose Profile Settings.