Frequent question: How do I search Slack history?

Can you see Slack search history?

Slack is the communication platform of choice for a lot of companies, but the search function is tough to sort through when you have dozens of channels. Fortunately, you can use Slack’s History feature to quickly find your most recent conversations on your desktop or web client.

How do I search dates in slack?

Search by date or time with the “before:” or “after:” modifiers. Use these if you only want to search messages from a certain time or date range. They can be combined to further narrow results. “after:12:00 PM” – Returns all messages and files sent after 12:00 PM on any day.

How do I recover old slack messages?

Slack does not archive deleted messages or provide a way to recover deleted information. Once a user deletes a particular message, that message is gone forever. However, Slack may still retain information about deleted messages that can be included in an electronic discovery export.

How do I see old direct messages on slack?

Older direct messages can disappear to keep the channel list tidy, sorry. You can search for them again via Cmd Shift K (Mac) or Ctrl Shift K (Windows).

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Can you see edit history on slack?

Edit history is currently only available for workspace owners to view in data exports. Expanding this feature to allow users to see edit history in real time is a nifty idea though! We’ll pass this suggestion along to our product team to review. Thank you!

How can I see my slack activity?

On the free version of Slack, you can see a high level view of your workspace’s activity from the Overview tab of the analytics dashboard.

  1. Select Tools from the menu, then click Analytics.
  2. To view data for the entire history of your workspace, click Last 30 days in the top-right corner to adjust your data range.

How do I search a specific channel in Slack?

Start a search

  1. Click the search field at the top of Slack.
  2. Below the search field, select the type of results you want: messages, files, people, or channels.
  3. Type what you’re looking for into the search field. …
  4. Select an option from the list, or press Enter to view all results.

How do you jump to a specific date on a team?

If you know the specific chat or channel that contained the text you’re looking for, navigate to that channel or chat and type Ctrl/Cmd+F, then the text you’re looking for. A list of the results will appear to the left, with the date (or time, if it was recent), a short preview, and the name of the author.

Can New Slack members see old messages?

A note — when you add a new member to a private channel, it will ask whether you want to allow the new member to see the previous messages or not. If you do not want the new member to see old messages, it will create a completely new private Slack channel with the same members in it but no message history.

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How do I retrieve data from Slack?

Export data

  1. From your desktop, click your workspace name in the top left.
  2. Select Settings & administration from the menu, then click Workspace settings.
  3. Click Import/Export Data in the top right.
  4. Select the Export tab.
  5. Below Export date range, open the drop-down menu to select an option.
  6. Click Start Export.

How do I access Slack archives?

All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Open Slack on your desktop and then select the “Channel browser” icon (sidebar on the left.)
  2. Enter the name of the channel. …
  3. From the drop-down menu, select “Archived channels.”
  4. Select the channel you were looking for.