Frequent question: How do you use date formula in Notion?

Can you use formulas in Notion?

Notion formulas: a reference guide

When you create a new formula, there are four options to choose from: Properties, Constants, Operators and Functions. … Functions: More complex, pre-defined formulas that resemble what you’re used to seeing in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

How do I add a date to my Notion page?

Add Date to a Block

At any point, you can add a date at the end of a block. Type ‘/date‘, hit enter, and write month name with the date. Note: You need to type the ‘/command’ without the quotes as mentioned through out this post. I use it to track down when exactly I made the last changes to a Notion page.

How do you make a weekly calendar in notion?

How to Make a Calendar in Notion?

  1. Launch Notion and go to the table you wish to create the calendar view of.
  2. Ensure your table has at least one date column.
  3. Click on the “Add a view” button found on the top-left of your table’s title.
  4. From the view menu, enter the name of your view.
  5. Select the “Calendar” view option.

How do you use property in notion?

There are a couple of ways to add a property: within a database page or by selecting Properties on the top right of your database. Click + Add a property in either scenario, name the property, and select the type you want.

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Is Coda better than notion?

Pick Your Productivity Booster

The idea is to move away from using multiple productivity solutions and rely on just one of them. When it comes to which one is better, for personal use, Coda wins out because it’s free and you don’t need to upgrade to get the most of it. Notion is $4 per month, but it’s more available.