Frequent question: What is a Confluence user?

How do I create a Confluence user?

To add a new user:

  1. Choose > User management.
  2. Select the Add Users tab.
  3. Enter the user’s details.
  4. Choose whether Confluence should send an email message informing the person of their new username. The email message will contain a link that the person can use to reset their password.
  5. Choose Create.

How do I manage users in Confluence?

To create the group and add users:

  1. Go to > User management.
  2. Choose Groups in the sidebar.
  3. Choose the Create group button (if you’re using Confluence Server, choose Add Group)
  4. Enter a group name, for example ‘project-team’
  5. Choose Create group.
  6. Choose Add to add members to the group.

What is Confluence app used for?

Confluence is a collaboration wiki tool used to help teams to collaborate and share knowledge efficiently. With confluence, we can capture project requirements, assign tasks to specific users, and manage several calendars at once with the help of Team Calendars add-on.

How do I give someone access to my Confluence?

Add people to your space

  1. Go to the space in Confluence Cloud.
  2. Select Space Settings from the sidebar.
  3. Select General from the Space permissions card. The Space permissions card is only visible if you’re a space admin in that space.
  4. Select an Edit Permissions button (under Groups, Individual Users, or Anonymous Access).
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What is the Confluence users group?

confluence-users – this is the default group into which all new users are usually assigned. In most sites this is the group that provides the permission to log in to Confluence. confluence-administrators – this super group grants the highest level of administrator permissions.

How do Confluence permissions work?

Every Confluence space has its own set of permissions which determine what people can do in the space. Space permissions are set by the space administrator. The user who created the space is automatically a space administrator, and other users can also be granted Space Admin permission.

How do I export users from Confluence?

You can export the users from the Site Administration tools if you are a site-admin. You’d go to user management, click on Export Users, and select check box for “Group Membership” and the drop-down for your Confluence Users group.

How do I search for a user in Confluence?

To search for a particular person, type their first name and/or last name into the search box and choose Search.

  1. To see everyone who uses your Confluence site, choose All People.
  2. To see just those people who have set up a personal space, choose People with Personal Spaces.

How do I remove a user from Confluence?

Delete from a read-only external directory, or multiple external directories

  1. In your external directory, remove the user. …
  2. In Confluence, go to > User management > Unsynced from directory.
  3. Search for the username of the person you want to delete. …
  4. Choose Delete.
  5. Wait for confirmation that the delete process is complete.
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