How do I copy a diagram from one Confluence page to another?

How do I transfer data from one Confluence page to another?

Copy pages

  1. Go to a page in the space, and click ••• > Copy. Confluence opens a copy of the page in the editor.
  2. Rename the page, and make any other changes in the body of the page.
  3. Select Save.

How do you copy and paste a gliffy diagram in Confluence?

Copy Gliffy diagram into Confluence, the hard way

  1. Right-click in your Gliffy diagram and select “View diagram source”. Copy the content of the popup.
  2. Create a new file on your computer, named something. gliffy and paste the diagram source in here.
  3. Import that file into Confluence.

How do I copy a diagram from net?

Copy a diagram file to a new diagram

  1. Select File > Make a Copy from the menu.
  2. Edit the Filename, then click on Google Drive. This will make a copy of your diagram in the same folder as the original diagram file.

How do I copy a template from one space to another in Confluence?

You need to put the page you want into edit mode and then copy and paste it’s layout into a space or global template. If it’s just into a space, any space admin can do this. If you’re entire company wants to do it, then you need to be a Confluence Admin.

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How do I copy a page tree in Confluence?

How to copy a page tree

  1. On the root page for the tree you want to copy: in the tools menu dropdown, select Copy Page Tree.
  2. The Copy Page Tree macro displays.
  3. Select the page tree destination. …
  4. Customize your page titles if needed to avoid clashes with existing pages in the destination space. …
  5. Click Copy Page Tree.

How do you copy and paste a Gliffy diagram?

2. In the source diagram, select the objects to copy and click Edit > Copy. 3. Go to the web browser tab with the opened destination diagram and in the Gliffy editor, click Edit > Paste.

How do you copy a diagram?

Right-click the diagram surface and choose Select All, or press Ctrl + A. On the Edit menu, select Copy Image.

How do I export a diagram?

To export diagrams, follow these steps:

  1. In the explorer, select the diagram you want to export.
  2. In the toolbar, click Import / Export > Export PNG (pixel graphics) or Import / Export > Export SVG (vector graphics). The export configuration dialog opens.
  3. Configure the export. …
  4. Click Export.

How do I export from Confluence?

Use the Page IDs Export tool

  1. Go to your Confluence administration, and select Configuration in the left panel, then select the Page IDs Export tab.
  2. Select the appropriately target as the Export target, then click Start Export.
  3. When the export has finished, you’ll see a mapping in the text field below.

How do you duplicate a diagram in Lucidchart?

Duplicate shapes with one click

To create a copy of any shape, hold down Alt/Option on your keyboard, then click and drag from the shape. A copy will emerge that you can place anywhere on the canvas.

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