How do I create a field in Jira?

How do I create a custom field in Jira Service Desk?

Add a new custom field to a service project

  1. Go to Settings ( ) > Issues.
  2. From the navigation on the left, select Custom fields.
  3. Select Create custom field in the top-right corner.
  4. Select All, and then the custom field type you’d like to create. …
  5. Name your field, and add a description if desired.

How do I set a custom field value in Jira?

For fields that do, you can set a default value with these steps:

  1. Select > Issues.
  2. Under FIELDS, click Custom fields.
  3. Find the custom field you want to configure, click > Contexts and default value. …
  4. In the configuration scheme section, select Edit Default Value.

How do I create a dropdown field in Jira?

Find the custom field you want to configure and click > Contexts and default value > Edit Options. Here you can: Select the Edit parent select list drop-down to choose which cascading select list to edit.

What are custom fields in Jira?

Jira application issues are made up of fields. You can choose any number of fields to appear when creating, editing, or transitioning issues. You can also create custom fields for teams working on issues within any of your Jira projects. Custom fields allow people to add information specific to your team’s needs.

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How do I add a field to my screen?

Select > Issues. Under FIELDS, click Custom fields. Find the custom field and click > Associate to Screens. Alternatively, you can click a field’s contexts link and then click Screens > Associate this field to screens.

What is field configuration scheme in Jira?

A field configuration scheme maps field configurations to issue types in a project. You can use the same scheme in multiple projects. This means that you can define different field configurations for each issue type in a project.