How do I create a survey in Confluence?

Can I create a survey on Confluence?

You can check Likert Rating Survey plugin for confluence. You can create surveys in various formats including table, slider, happy faces, etc. Also, there is a results page where you can download results and view statistics, charts, outlook, etc for the survey to get tangible & actionable items.

How do I use survey macros in Confluence?

In the editor, choose Survey macro from the list of macros. (Or type {Survey to select it directly.) Survey macro has many optional configuration parameters. To configure them, click on the body of the macro, and select the Edit button.

How do I create a survey in Jira?

In the Jira project where you want to create a survey, go to the project settings. In the SURVEYS FOR JIRA section on the left panel, click Surveys, which will open the Project Surveys page. Click Add New Survey. Go through the survey wizard and fill out the necessary fields as shown in the sections below.

How do I create a survey in SharePoint?

Create a survey in SharePoint

  1. Sign in to Microsoft 365 with your work or school account.
  2. In the top of the page, select the app launcher icon. …
  3. Go to the site where you want to create the survey.
  4. Select Settings. …
  5. On the Your Apps page, in the search box, enter survey. …
  6. In the Adding Survey box, select Advanced Options.
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How do you Multi vote in Confluence?

Using a Multivote

Just click on the small checkbox on the right of each vote item to toggle the checkbox. The Result Column will display the number of voters that have voted for that item.

How do I create a jira form in Confluence?

Create issues from inside Confluence

  1. Highlight some text on your page and choose the Create Jira issue icon that appears above the highlighted text.
  2. Enter your server (if you have multiple Jira sites connected to Confluence), project, issue type and description. …
  3. Choose Create.

What is the difference between Blueprint and template in Confluence?

Templates in Confluence are essentially pages with pre-populated content. Blueprints are a few steps beyond that, and provide some powerful features to assist users in easily creating pre-formatted pages in a standardized, guided manner.

Can I create a form in Jira?

Forms can be created directly from your Jira Work Management project. You can have one form per project. To create a form: Select Forms from the left navigation.