How do I create multiple clones in Jira?

Is there a way to bulk clone in Jira?

Indeed! Deep Clone for Jira now allows to bulk-clone up to 1000 issues at once within Jira Cloud. You can include comments, attachments, sub-tasks and all other issue content such as issue links.

How do I bulk clone a problem?

Bulk Clone Issues

  1. Navigate to the Bulk clone issues page from the Jira Administration menu by selecting Apps→ScriptRunner→Built-in Scripts.
  2. Enter the Subquery (JQL) for the issues you want to clone.
  3. Select the project you want the cloned issues to move to from the Project drop down list.

How do I create a Jira clone?

To clone an issue, just select clone from the Actions menu. Jira automatically adds “CLONE” to the beginning of the summary of the new issue, and you can activate the option to clone attachments if you want. No other options are available. You can then move this issue to another project.

What is a deep clone in Jira?

Sounds like you have the app Deep clone for Jira. Cloning an issue only copies the issue. Deep cloning an issue copies the issue and all of it’s sub-tasks. … Clone is the built-in default option in Jira to copy an issue.

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How do I create a bulk in Jira?

Before you begin: If your Jira installation has existing data, you should back it up.

  1. Select Issues > Import Issues from CSV to open the Bulk Create Setup page. …
  2. On the Setup page, select your CSV Source File. …
  3. Click the Next button to proceed to the Settings step of the CSV file import wizard.

How do I copy a subtask in Jira?

Copy sub-tasks

  1. Go to the Template (issue) Screen.
  2. Use the toggle to select the option.
  3. Click Save to confirm your settings. Copying subtasks. Make sure you have at least one sub-task under template issue. Note that on a sub-task edit screen you need to select a scope for the sub-task.

Can you clone an epic in Jira?

Clone Epic Template for Jira allows cloning an Epic along with its stories, sub-tasks, and checklists* (Jira cannot deep-clone epics and stories natively). You can set up a ‘template’ epic which contains a backlog of Tasks/Subtasks in a defined order.

What is deep clone in Javascript?

Deep copy. A deep copy copies all fields, and makes copies of dynamically allocated memory pointed to by the fields. A deep copy occurs when an object is copied along with the objects to which it refers.

How do I create an event in JIRA?

Proceed with the following steps to create custom events in JIRA:

  1. Navigate to Administration | System | Events.
  2. Enter the new event’s name.
  3. Select a template that will be used for the e-mail notification when the event is fired. …
  4. Click on the Add button to create the new event, as shown in the following screenshot:
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What is the difference between clone+ and clone ++ in JIRA?

The difference between Clone+ and Clone++ is the latter allows you to change the project and issue type of the clone. Both allow you to change other fields before the clone is created.