How do I duplicate a checklist in Trello?

How do I repeat a checklist in trello?

Click the “Repeat” button on the back of any card to set it to repeat: Cards can be repeated Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly. Every time the card ‘repeats’, it will be copied to the list you select. While cards can only be repeated once in a month or year, they can be repeated multiple times a week.

How do you copy a checklist?

In order to copy the checklist to the clipboard, open the “…” menu and select Copy checklist option: The checklist copied to the clipboard can be pasted with CTLR+V into any text editor. The checklist is copied to the clipboard as multiline text where each line represents separate checklist item.

How do I edit a checklist in trello?

Editing. Add new checklist items via the “Add checklist item” input in a checklist. Mark an item as complete or incomplete by clicking the checkbox to the left of the title. Rename a checklist or checklist item by clicking the title, changing the text, and clicking save.

How do I create a checklist template in trello?

Hello, Hanna! You can create template cards in Trello by simply making the card and stashing it somewhere for easy duplication. Then you can copy that card, and choose to copy over checklists and attachments.

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How do I automate a task in Trello?

Rule based automation

  1. Click “Create Rule” from the rules menu.
  2. Add a trigger. This is the action that will trigger a set of predefined actions.
  3. Add actions. You can add as many actions as you need.
  4. Save your new rule.

How do I add a list to my Trello board?

Add a list to a board by clicking the “Add a list…” button next to the rightmost list on the board. You can also add a list by double-clicking any open space on the board. Click “Add a list…” or double-click any open space on your board to add a new list.

Can you move a trello list to another board?

Just like cards, you can click and drag a list to move it within a board. Click and drag lists to rearrange them. To move a list to a different position on the board, click the context menu in the upper right of the list and then choose “Move List.”

How do I copy a Trello board to another account?

Go to Make sure to enter the correct username or email address for the account you’re transferring boards to. That account will be added as a member to the boards you select. Select the boards you’d like to transfer.

How do I link a checklist to a card in trello?

Open another card that you want to reference in the checklist. In your browser location, copy the URL of the card. Open the original card with the checklist and add a checklist item by clicking on the “Add an item…” button below the checklist. Paste the link to the card you want to reference.

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