How do I get a small calendar on Notion?

How do I add a calendar to Notion?

Go to the location on that page that you want to embed the calendar, and enter the /embed command or open the block menu and select Embed. Drop the Google Calendar URL into Notion and hit Return, and your calendar should be embedded in the page.

How do I resize Google Calendar Notion?

Open your Google Calendar. Click on the calendar you want to embed into Notion and click on the ellipsis. Click Settings and sharing. In Calendar settings under Access Permissions, check the box marked Make available to public.

Resize calendar on the page to your preferred size

  1. Week.
  2. Month.
  3. Agenda.

How do I resize a calendar in notion?

You can not resize the Notion inline calendar. If you prefer a smaller calendar, try to embed a Google Calendar, it can be resized as you want.

Does notion integrate with Google Calendar?

Notion doesn’t sync with Google Calendar, but it does work with it. … But there’s a catch: The embedded calendar is view-only, so it can’t be edited in the Notion App itself. This means you’ll need to jump over to Google Calendar whenever you want to create a new event or edit an existing one.

Can you link Apple calendar to notion?

Notion on Twitter: “We don’t currently integrate with iCal, but we’ll add your vote for it!

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How do I make a notion planner?

Step 1: Open Notion and create a workspace. Step 2: Create a new page from the left sidebar and choose templates from the blank Notion page. Step 3: You will find the Weekly Agenda template under the Design section. Import it to your Notion page.

How do you resize on Notion?

Arrange & resize

  1. To arrange: Use drag and drop to move a media block around your Notion page. You can drag them into columns as well.
  2. To resize: Hover over your media block and you’ll see two black guides appear on the left and right edges. Click either one and drag to make yourvideo bigger or smaller.

Does Notion work with Zapier?

Zapier lets you connect Notion with thousands of the most popular apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most—no code required.