How do I hide epics in Jira?

How do you hide done epics?

The best way to remove the done epic from everywhere (specially the board) is to edit the Filter Query on the board to exclude the done epics.

To complete an epic:

  1. Navigate to the Backlog of your Board.
  2. Open the Epics Panel on the left.
  3. Click the drop-down arrow for your epic, and select Mark as Done.

How do you hide the epics on the backlog?

Hide Done Epics from Backlog Edited

  1. Create a Next-gen project.
  2. Open Backlog.
  3. Create an Epic issue type.
  4. Change Epic to Done status.
  5. Open Epics dropdown menu.
  6. Turn on Epic Panel.

How do I hide a ticket in Jira?

To hide completed issues:

  1. Go to the desired board, then click Board > Configure.
  2. In the Hide completed issues field, select the retention period. Issues that weren’t updated within this period will be hidden.

Why are epics not visible in Jira?

Could be too late, though might be helpful to others – if epics do not show, check the filter settings (Board settings > General > Filter > Edit filter query), could be that some users that are assigned to these Epics are not ticked or the Epics are not ticked in the statuses.

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How do I exclude an epic from a Kanban board?

It is possible to hide Epics from a Kanban Board while still maintaining the issue count in the columns. In order to achieve this, you will want to use Quick Filters. When users click on this Quick Filter, they will see all issues but epics, and the issue count will remain the same.

How do I show only epics on Kanban board?

Click the epic in the ‘EPICS’ panel to show only issues in that epic. Click All issues to remove the filter. Alternatively, click Clear all filters next to Backlog or Selected for Development. Click the arrow next to the epic’s name, then choose Mark as Done from the menu.

What is epic status in Jira?

The Status field of the epic contains the issue status, since an epic is a type of issue. In the Jira default workflow, this status can have one of the following values: Open, In Progress, Resolved, Closed, Reopened. … The Epic Status field is a Jira custom field and might not be displayed on the epic.

How do I remove done items from Kanban board?

To manually clear Done issues from your board, hover over the Done column and select More (…) > Clear Done issues. Only project admins and Jira admins can clear Done issues. Issues will be automatically cleared from your board 14 days after being moved to the Done column.

How long do tickets stay in done Jira?

By default, if you don’t have sprints enabled, the done issues will be automatically removed from your next-gen board after 14 days, including from the backlog view.

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How do I get epics to show in backlog Jira?

Epics Panel: Go to the Backlog and open the Epics Panel to view and manage your epics. List of epics: The Epics Panel displays a list of all epics in your project. View issues in epic: Click an epic’s name to view all the issues belonging to that epic, across all sprints.