How do I link a bitbucket branch to a Jira ticket?

How do I link a Git branch to Jira?

Connect your git repositories via Git repositories configuration page (dashboard menu Git > Manage git repositories). Use the Auto-connect integration panel specific to your git host to connect git repositories to your Jira instance automatically.

How does Jira integrate with bitbucket?

The integration between Bitbucket Server and JIRA Software happens at the issue level, not at the project level. Once connected via application links, developers activate the integration by tagging related JIRA issues in their Git commit messages. This will allow you to see commit details in JIRA and vice versa.

How do I add a Jira ticket to bitbucket?


  1. Choose a repository and go to Pull requests.
  2. Create a comment or find a comment.
  3. Click Create Jira issue.
  4. Choose an issue type.
  5. Select the Jira site and the project where you want to create the issue. If you have several sites, you can choose the site you want to create the issue for.
  6. Click Create.

How do I link a Jira issue to a bitbucket commit?

To manually associate a git commit to a Jira issue, access the Change commit issues feature from the following locations:

  1. Project page > Git Commits > click View Full Commit.
  2. Issue page > Git Commits tab > click View Full Commit.
  3. Git menu > View all repositories > select a repository with git commits.
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How do I link a GitHub branch to a JIRA ticket?

Configure Jira

  1. Sign into your Jira Cloud account.
  2. Go to Jira settings -> Apps -> Find new apps -> Search for GitHub for Jira.
  3. Click on GitHub for Jira and Click on Get App -> Get it now.
  4. Click on Get Started to connect your GitHub Account.

How do I link a pull request to a JIRA ticket?

The easiest way to create a link between a ticket and a pull request is to just set your branch’s commit message to have the Jira ticket number be the first thing in the commit. This will result in a link from this commit/branch to the jira ticket called JIRA-123.

How do I add a Bitbucket to Atlassian?

Click Jira under Atlassian Integrations. Choose the Jira Cloud instance you want to integrate with your Bitbucket Cloud workspace and click Connect. Click Grant access to grant Jira Software access to your Bitbucket Cloud workspace. Click Grant access to grant Bitbucket access to Jira.

Does Bitbucket come with Jira?

Atlassian Open DevOps is built around Jira Software, Confluence, Bitbucket, and Opsgenie. … Each piece of work – whether it’s an idea, a commit, or branch – is linked to a Jira ticket, which ladders up into top-level visibility and insights.

How do I reference another ticket in Jira?

The new issue view uses Markdown editor and in order to mention another ticket, you can simply type the issue key and press space or enter/return for the text to be updated with the link.

Is Bitbucket part of Atlassian?

Bitbucket is a Git-based source code repository hosting service owned by Atlassian. Bitbucket offers both commercial plans and free accounts with an unlimited number of private repositories.

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How do I add a link to a commit message?

If you use the correct format in your commit message, your commit will be automatically linked to a GitHub Issue or Pull Request. To do this, put a # followed the Issue or Pull Request number. This will automatically create a link in the commit message.