How do I link to another page in notion?

How do I link a page to another page in notion?

Link to A Different Page in Notion

To link to another page in Notion, do the following: Click on the Notion page and type /link. Select “Link to page” from the menu. A menu will appear with a sampling of your pages.

How do you make a link in notion?

You can create a link to another page in your workspace as its own block that you can click and drag around the page. Click the + button that appears to the left of any paragraph, and select Link to page from the dropdown, or use the slash command /link .

Is roam better than Notion?

Finally, Roam makes it easy to cross-reference content so you never lose your sources. While Notion can be used for research as well, Roam steals the show in this particular area. … Notion is much better at storing information in a structured manner than creating new information in an exploratory way.

How do I move pages from one workspace to another?

Put all of the content, that you want to move from one workspace to another, under a temporary top level page and.. Notion does not support moving top level pages which is why you have to create a temporary top level page, move the content that you want to share beneath it and then share that.

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How do I move a workspace to another page in notion?

To move your content from one workspace to another associated with the same account, click ••• next to each of the top-level pages in your sidebar (or right click) and select Move To . You’ll see the option to move them to another workspace. When you move top-level pages, all their sub-pages go with them.