How do I move a template from one space to another in Confluence?

How do I move a page from one space to another in Confluence?

To move a page to a different space

Navigate to and view the page you want to move. Select ••• > Move. The Move page dialog box appears. Select the Browse tab if you want to find the new parent page using the page tree, or select the Search tab if you know the new parent page name.

How do I export a confluence template?

The templates are not exportable. Best you can do is edit one, and select, copy and paste the content into the target system’s empty template. You’ll need to do some tidying up and possibly localisation.

How do I import a template into confluence?

To import a template:

  1. Log in to Confluence as a System Administrator or Confluence Administrator.
  2. Go to > General Configuration > Import Templates. …
  3. Select the templates to be imported by ticking the check boxes next to the relevant template names.

What is copy with scaffolding XML?

The Copy with Scaffolding XML feature can only copy pages within the same space.

How do I copy a space in Confluence cloud?

To copy the contents of a space to a new space:

  1. Create a new space.
  2. Go the homepage of the space you want to copy, and choose > Copy.
  3. Set your new space as the Location.
  4. Select Copy child pages then hit Copy.
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Can you export a Confluence space?

You can export all or part of a Confluence space to various formats, including Microsoft Word, HTML, PDF and XML. To use the space export functionality, you need the ‘Export Space’ permission. See the guide to space permissions.

How do I export Confluence space to PDF?

Export to HTML, XML, or PDF

  1. Go to the space and choose Space tools > Content Tools from the bottom of the sidebar.
  2. Choose Export.
  3. Select either HTML, XML, or PDF, then choose Next.
  4. Select either a normal or custom export for HTML or PDF, or a Full or Custom XML export: …
  5. Choose Export.

How do I convert multiple Confluence pages to PDF?

Exporting Multiple Pages or the Entire Space

  1. Go to a page in the space, open the ‘Browse’ menu and select ‘Advanced’.
  2. Click ‘PDF Export’ in the left-hand panel. …
  3. Select the pages you want to export by ticking the check boxes next to each page. …
  4. Click ‘Export’.

How do I create a blog template in Confluence?

Templates for Blog Posts for Confluence

  1. Create Blog Posts via the “Create” button. Once installed, the blog post templates are available through the “Blog post” blueprint and displayed in the “Create” dialogue.
  2. Choose a template for your blog post. …
  3. Enable Blog Templates per space.

How do I create a template in Confluence?

Go to the space in Confluence Cloud. Select Space Settings from the sidebar. Select Content Tools> Templates. Select Create new template.

To add labels to a template in the legacy editor:

  1. Select the tag icon next to the breadcrumb.
  2. Enter labels into the box, separated by the Space key.
  3. Select Add.
  4. Select Close.
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What is scaffolding XML in Confluence?

Scaffolding is a powerful add-on tool for Atlassian Confluence to help you manage structured data with editable forms and reusable linked templates. Scaffolding includes custom macros that capture, store and manage structured data on a Confluence page.