How do I remove done items from Kanban board?

How do I clear my Kanban board?

click on the Boards lozenge. find your board in the list. click on the ellipses at the right. select delete.

How do I hide completed issues in Jira?

To hide completed issues:

  1. Go to the desired board, then click Board > Configure.
  2. In the Hide completed issues field, select the retention period. Issues that weren’t updated within this period will be hidden.

How do you delete a done in Jira?

You should be able to remove Done issues by completing the sprint and creating a new one. The non-Done issues will be migrated to the new board.

What happens if I delete a board in Jira?

Hi Silvia – Welcome to the Atlassian Community! The cards (issues) that show up on boards are based on the underlying filter attached to the board. So you can delete a board with no problem and it will have no effect on the cards themselves – they still exist and can be accessed.

How do I delete my agile board?

Run into it by accident… you need to click the search icon on the left sidebar and then click “View all boards”. In the board list you can click on the menu button (3 dots) corresponding to your board. There’s a delete button.

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What does a Kanban board show?

A kanban board is an agile project management tool designed to help visualize work, limit work-in-progress, and maximize efficiency (or flow). … Kanban boards use cards, columns, and continuous improvement to help technology and service teams commit to the right amount of work, and get it done!

What is a completed issue in Jira?

Completed issues in Jira Software

This field is set when an issue is moved from the “In Progress” to “Done” status, and then, Jira Software considers the issue complete. This behavior is automatically configured as part of default workflows.

What is Jira Kanban board?

Kanban is a common framework for agile and DevOps software development that provides transparency of work and team capacity. Kanban boards in Jira Software help teams visualize their workflow, limit work-in-progress, and maximize efficiency.

How do I hide completed tasks in Confluence?

Hit the “f” key and you’ll see your filter options, one of the options is to show only cards not marked as complete. This will hide any card that either doesn’t have a due date or has an incomplete due date.