How do I set permissions in Confluence?

How do I restrict access to a Confluence page?

To restrict who can view or edit a page or blog post:

  1. Chose the Restrictions icon at the top of the page.
  2. Choose whether you just want to limit only who can Edit, or who can View and / or Edit.
  3. Enter users or groups then click Add to add them to the list. …
  4. Apply the restrictions.

How do I see user permissions in Confluence?

Click the Inspect permissions link. Type the name of the user whose permissions you want to view. Choose the permission you want to inspect: Can view, Can view and edit, or Can view and comment. A report appears and shows whether the user has the permission at each level of the page, space, and product hierarchy.

How do I give admin rights to a user in Confluence?

Make a user a product admin

  1. Go to your site’s Admin at …
  2. Select Groups from the left side of the page.
  3. Select the administrators or <product-name>-admins group.
  4. Click Add members, search and select the people you want to add, and click Add.

How do I access Confluence Admin?

Quick access to admin functions via search

Start typing what you want to do into the Confluence search box at top right of the screen. The matching admin functions will appear with a cog icon at the top of the search results. Even faster via /: Press / on your keyboard, then continue typing the action you want.

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How do Confluence permissions work?

Every Confluence space has its own set of permissions which determine what people can do in the space. Space permissions are set by the space administrator. The user who created the space is automatically a space administrator, and other users can also be granted Space Admin permission.

What is a Confluence administrator?

The confluence-administrators group defines a set of “super users” who can access the Administration Console and perform site-wide administration. Members of this group can also see the content of all pages and spaces in the Confluence instance, regardless of space permissions.

What are Global permissions?

Global permissions are system-wide and are granted to groups of users. You can refer to project permissions to manage permissions that apply to individual projects. To change global permissions, you must be a site admin or a Jira admin.

Can I use global permission in Confluence?

As a Confluence admin, you can use global permissions to see which user groups and which types of users currently have access to your Confluence site and make high-level decisions about what they can do on it.