How do I undo a bulk change in Jira?

Can you undo changes in Jira?

Use z+z or select Undo to simply reverse any changes done to a Jira issue.

How do you undo a change in workflow in Jira?

There is no “revert”. If you had kept a backup, you could change the workflow scheme to point to that instead of the new one you’ve now got. Without a backup, you either have to re-create the desired flow and move back to it, or manually edit the workflow back to the previous shape.

How do I stop multiple issues in Jira?

To stop watching multiple issues:

  1. Select Stop Watching Issues and select Next.
  2. Review your bulk changes and select Confirm.

Where is the Undo button in Jira?

Undo Windows Ctrl+Z, Mac COMMAND + Z. Redo Windows Ctrl+Y, Mac COMMAND + Y.

How do I rollback a JIRA upgrade?

To roll back the upgrade, you simply need to restore the database from the backup and copy the installation and home directories to their original locations, like it was in your previous Jira setup. Once you do it and restart Jira, your old environment will be restored. Stop the upgrade or the upgraded Jira instance.

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How do you undo something in Confluence?

Use keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Undo — PC: Ctrl+Z, Mac: ⌘+Z.
  2. Redo — PC: Ctrl+Y, Mac: ⌘+ Y or Shift+⌘+Z.

How do I see Jira ticket history?

Steps to View History

  1. Go to View Issue Page to see change history.
  2. Scroll down to Activity section.
  3. Click on History tab.

How do I change bulk limit in Jira?


  1. Add jira. bulk. edit. limit. issue. count=2000 to jira-config. properties. Edit the Jira config properties file in Jira.
  2. Restart JIRA.
  3. Verify it appears in the logs in startup, e.g.: ___ Application Properties _________________ … jira.bulk.edit.limit.issue.count : 2000.

Where is bulk change in Jira?

Select Tools > Bulk Change. Select the issues you’d like to perform the bulk operation on, and select Next. Select Stop Watching Issues, and select Next. Review your bulk operation, and select Confirm when you are happy with the operation.

How do I move multiple subtasks in Jira?

1 answer

  1. search for the issues you want to move – parent = abc-123.
  2. click ellipses in top right and select bulk update.
  3. go thru the screens and you will be prompted.