How do I upload a file to a Confluence page?

How do I upload a PDF to Confluence?

To add the PDF macro to a page:

  1. Upload the PDF file to your page, then publish the page. See Upload Files to learn how to do this.
  2. From the editor toolbar, choose Insert > Other Macros.
  3. Choose PDF from the Confluence content category.
  4. Select the attached file you want to display.
  5. Choose Insert.

How do I add a file to a confluence list?

To create a file list:

  1. Choose Create from template in the Confluence header.
  2. Select File List and hit Next.
  3. Enter the details for your file list and hit Create.
  4. Drag files from your desktop or choose browse for files to search for files on your computer.

How do I share files in Confluence?

Drag-and-drop simplicity – Just drag-and-drop your files onto a Confluence page to embed them. It’s that easy. Granular permissions – Once you are done creating your file list, Confluence’s robust permission scheme keeps files as private or public as you want.

How do I upload a large file to Confluence?

You can limit the size of files that can be uploaded and attached in Confluence.

To configure the maximum file size that can be uploaded:

  1. Go to > General Configuration.
  2. Choose Edit.
  3. Enter the maximum size next to Attachment Maximum Size. The default is 100 MB.
  4. Choose Save.
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How do I display an attachment in Confluence?

To display an image attached to a different page:

  1. Go to Insert > Files and choose the Search on other pages.
  2. Enter the name of the file.
  3. Choose whether to search the current space or All Spaces and choose Search.
  4. Select the file from the search results and choose Insert.

How do I insert an image into a Confluence page?

In the editor toolbar, click the image icon. The window for inserting images and files will appear.

Using the Editor Toolbar

  1. Click Upload.
  2. Navigate to the file you wish to use.
  3. Click Open to add the file to Confluence.
  4. Click Insert to add it to your page.

How do I update an attachment in Confluence?

To edit a file in the legacy editor or the new editor:

  1. Go to the page with the attachment to be edited.
  2. Click ••• > Attachments. …
  3. Click Edit file for a file to open it in the file viewer. …
  4. Click Edit with, then select the app name. …
  5. Edit the file in the appropriate desktop app and save it.

What video formats does confluence support?

Confluence supports the following multimedia formats:

  • Adobe Flash (. swf)
  • Apple QuickTime (. mov)
  • Windows Media (. wma, . wmv)
  • Real Media (. rm, . ram)
  • MP3 and MP4 files (. mp3, . mp4)
  • MPEG files (. mpeg, . mpg)
  • AVI files (. avi) You may need to enable an avi decoder within your browser.