How do you time a hexagon agility test?

How do you find the time of a hexagon agility test?

How do you do the test? If you jump the wrong way or land on a line the test is restarted. The timing begins when the command to start is given, and ends when you finish the third circuit. On completion of the second test, add the two scores and determine an average time.

What is being measured in Hexagon agility test?

The Hexagonal Agility test is a measure of speed, agility and the ability to change direction while maintaining a sound balance (foundation).

What does a 3 minute step test measure?

The Step Test is designed to measure a person’s aerobic fitness. Participants step up and down, on and off an aerobics- type step for THREE minutes to increase heart rate and to evaluate the heart’s recovery rate during the minute immediately following the step test exercise.

How do you score agility?

The quick answer is that agility is scored based on accuracy and speed. In order to qualify for earning a title or win a trial, your dog will have to be fast and flawless in his course performance.

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