How does Illinois agility test look like?

How is the Illinois agility test carried out?

Perform The Test as Follows

  1. Start by lying face down on the ground at the start point.
  2. On the command, jump to your feet and negotiate around the cones to the finish.
  3. The assistant records the total time taken.

What fitness components are used in the Illinois agility test?

Component of fitness assessed: Gross coordination (agility and speed). The Illinois agility run assesses gross co-ordination (agility). The test will be conducted on a wooden gymnasium floor. The course is marked out with cones and/or poles and your time to complete the course recorded as your score.

What test that is commonly used test of agility in sports?

The T-Test is a common field test of agility that is normally performed on the athlete’s regular playing surface. This test is especially useful for sports that require athletes to sprint forward, move laterally, and backpedal such as football, soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, and volleyball.

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