How far apart should agility weaves be?

Which side should a dog enter weave poles?

The dog must enter from the right side of the first pole, and continue weaving all the way to the end. There are a number of weave pole methods that enterprising dog trainers have come up with to teach dogs how to negotiate this obstacle.

How tall is an agility a-frame?

AKC regulations specify that these panel are between 35 to 49 inches in width, with a length of 8 feet, 10 inches. The standard A-frame height is 5 feet 6 inches, plus or minus 1 inch, with the smaller version at 5 feet.

How do I make a dog agility course?

How to Design a Dog Agility Course

  1. Consider the ability level of the dogs that will be using the course. …
  2. Choose the obstacles you want to include in the course. …
  3. Plan for the fluidity of the course, so that a dog and handler team negotiating the obstacles can move smoothly from one task to the next.
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