Question: Can you upload files to notion?

Can you upload PDFs to Notion?

Click on the body of the Notion page where you want the PDF to appear and type /pdf to bring up the PDF option. Select the PDF option from the menu. Either select Upload to upload a PDF to Notion or select Embed Link and paste the URL of the PDF you want to embed.

How many files can you upload to Notion?

While there is a cap on each individual file that you upload on a Personal Plan (5 mb), there is no total limit of how many files you can upload.

How do you upload a Word document to Notion?

Importing individual Docs

  1. Open the Doc in Drive.
  2. Go to File > Download > Microsoft Word.
  3. Open the left hand menu in Notion and click Import.
  4. Chose Word and upload the file.

Is Notion safe to use?

Notion isn’t as secure as you would have hoped — it doesn’t support two-factor authentication and its administrators can access user files. The service has confirmed that it is working on solutions to address both of these concerns, though.

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How do I share a file in notion?

In the sharing menu, click the dropdown next to a name or a group. You’ll see that you can choose between 4 options — Full access , which allows full editing rights plus the ability to share the page, Can edit , Can comment , or Can view . The different levels of access you can give any page.

Can notion be used offline?

Notion Doesn’t Work Offline

With Notion, when you close the app, you need an internet connection to get it started, which makes sense because it is a web-based app. It’s thus safe to conclude that Notion DOES NOT WORK OFFLINE.

How do you hyperlink in notion?

Type @ on the page body. You’ll see a message appear saying “Mention a person, page, or date…” Start typing the name of the page, person, or date you want to link to. It will automatically appear as a hyperlink.

Does Notion have limited space?

We’ve stored everything from DOCs and PDFs to PSDs and ZIPs, as well as MPEGs and MP4s, on Notion, with the service confirming that you can upload anything to your Workspace, of any size, so long as you’re a Personal Pro subscriber or you’re capped at 5 MB per file.

Is Notion free for students forever?

Notion is free to use indefinitely. The Personal Plan is completely free for individual use. The Team Plan has a free trial with a 1,000 block limit, more than enough to try out Notion with your team before upgrading. … The Personal Pro Plan is free for students and educators.

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Which is better trello or Notion?

The answer is completely dependent on how you plan to use each app. Trello is awesome at project management. Notion is a great all-around tool that allows you to accomplish a variety of things not just project management. if you are looking solely for a project management tool, Trello is probably the better bet.

Can I import an Excel spreadsheet into Notion?

You can import your Google Sheets and Excel (. xslx) files into Notion tables by exporting them as CSV files. … Notion allows you to create two types of databases: Full-page database or In-line database (which means a database component like a table in the middle of a text or other document).

Which is better Notion or Evernote?

It’s more flexible, appeals to a broader range of use cases, and offers users more integrations with the tools they’re already using. Evernote certainly outperforms Notion in some areas such as note-taking. But generally, Notion offers virtually all the same functionality, plus a bit more besides.

Can Notion replace Google Docs?

Notion trumps Google Docs in terms of visualization. The way it shows the links and data is far better than the simple Google Doc. I would advise you to master Notion keyboard shortcuts to fly through editing functions. With the help of a template you can manage complex projects in style.