Question: How wide is a dog agility teeter totter?

How wide is a dog agility teeter?

The seesaw or “teeter-totter” is one of the most challenging obstacles for a dog to perform. This 12-inch wide, 12-foot long plank rests on a fulcrum. The seesaw should be balanced carefully so a 3-foot weight placed 12 inches from the high end of the seesaw causes it to hit the ground in 3 seconds or less.

How wide is an agility teeter board?

The boards are 4 inches wide and five feet in length +/- 2 inches. Board heights are 2 inches, 4 inches, 6 inches, and 8 inches in height.

How wide is an agility a-frame?

The A-frame in an agility course

The A-frame consists of two wide planks (36” wide and 9′ tall) that are propped up at an angle, creating the characteristic “A” shape. A-frames are typically blue and yellow, with the contact zones (the zones a dog has to touch) at either end being about 42” wide.

How far apart should agility Jumps be?

The distance between each jump should be the same. You should vary the distance, they can be anywhere between 18ft and 26ft apart. Just make sure the distance is the same between each jump.

How long is a dog teeter totter?

The required length of an agility seesaw ramp is 12 feet, according to the United States Dog Agility Association’s regulations.

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How long is a teeter totter board for agility?

The height of the fulcrum for an official agility teeter-totter is based on the length of the board: an 12-foot board should be 24 inches above the ground at the center point; a 10-foot board should be 20; an 8-foot board 16.

How long is a dog agility seesaw?

Contact equipment

Two ramps 2.74 m long by 91.4 cm wide hinged at the apex 1.7 m from the ground. The last 1.067 m from the bottom of each ramp should be a different colour to indicate the area with which the dog should make contact.