Question: What does trello username mean?

What is a Trello username?

To find a user’s unique Trello username, click to your organization’s Members page and the username is under their name after the @ sign. So for example, if a user has the username @mycompany, enter mycompany into this field.

How do I find my Trello ID?

2 answers

  1. Go to your Trello Board.
  2. Add “. json” to end of the URL.
  3. Format the JSON so it’s readable (you can find a JSON viewer online)
  4. Search for idBoard – this will list your full Board ID.

How do I change my Trello username?

You can change the username by going to and clicking on Change name, Initials or Bio.

How do I find my Trello username?

This is the ID used when others mention you explicitly in trello to get your attention so it’s good for your nickname to be unique and obvious.

  1. Click your name in the top right corner of the trello board. ( …
  2. click “Profile”
  3. click “edit profile”
  4. look for the text box called “Username”

How do I check my Trello email?

To get your email address for a board, log in to Trello in the browser and open the board you would like to create cards by email on. Open the Menu in the right sidebar and select “More,” and then “Email-to-board settings”. From here, you can select the list in which the emailed card will be created.

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How do I create a Trello account?

To create a new Trello account, you’ll need to use a unique email address not already used in Trello or Atlassian. Go to and enter your information to complete the signup. Check your email to confirm your new Trello account. All set!

How do I find my Trello API key?

You can get your API key by logging into Trello and visiting . Be sure to read and agree to Trello Developer Terms of Service. Your API key will be clearly labeled at the top of that page. Your API key should be a 32 character string comprised of random alphanumeric characters.

How do I change my email address on Trello?

To change the email address you use to log into Trello, go to your account settings page at and click on Profile & Visibility. Then select Change email address from the Contact section. A confirmation email will be sent to the new email address.

How can I delete my Trello account?

You can easily delete your Trello account by visiting and clicking the “Delete this account?” link at the bottom of the settings page. Trello will send you an email which will ask you to confirm the deletion of the account. Once you confirm that, your account will be deleted.