Question: What is the protocol for the Illinois agility test?

What is the procedure of agility test?

To conduct the test adequate space, a timer and 8 cones are required. The individual starts by lying face down by the first cone. Staring at cone 1 he is required to run to cone 2 which is placed at a distance of 10 meters away from the first. He then runs 10 meters to cone 3.

What result is considered as poor for the Illinois agility test?

Here is one such table giving ratings scores from poor to excellent for males and females, the target group is national level 16 to 19 year olds.

Illinois Agility Test Norms.

Rating Males (seconds) Females (seconds)
Poor > 19.3 > 23.0

How many chances are given for zigzag run test?

(2) Three chances are given to each player. Scoring: Best of the three throws is counted.

How reliable is the Illinois agility test?

In another study, the reliability of IAT was found on a sample of 97 able-bodied young military service men: ICC = 99% inter-rater reliability and ICC = 68% test-retest reliability [9].

How do I prepare for a physical agility test?

Follow these tips to make sure you pass your physical agility test.

  1. Check the police department’s website to see what will be on the test. …
  2. Check with your doctor. …
  3. Test yourself before the actual test. …
  4. Start exercising. …
  5. Don’t wait too long to prepare. …
  6. Be ready the day of the test.
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Which of the following is conducted to test agility?

Hexagon agility test — involves jumping in and out of a hexagon shape as fast as possible. Hexagonal Obstacle Test — involves jumping over obstacles placed a hexagon shape, as fast as possible. Quadrant Jump Test — involves two-legged jumping around a cross shape on the floor, as fast as possible.

Would an Illinois agility test be appropriate for a netball player?

The ability to quickly change direction is very important for netball. The 5-0-5 agility test measures the ability to change direction 180 degrees. A 90 degree turn test would also be suitable for netball.