Quick Answer: How do I update a table of contents in Confluence?

How do I add data to a Confluence table of contents?

To add the Table of Contents macro to a page:

  1. From the editor toolbar, choose Insert > Other Macros.
  2. Choose Table of Contents from the Confluence content category.
  3. Enter any parameters.
  4. Choose Insert.

How do I update a Confluence spreadsheet?

To edit an Office document attached to a Confluence page:

  1. Go to > Attachments.
  2. Choose Edit in Office beside the attachment you want edit. Your browser will ask you to confirm that you want to open the file.
  3. Choose OK. …
  4. The file will open in your Office application – make your changes then save the document.

How do I edit a page tree macro in Confluence?

To edit the Page Tree macro:

  1. Select the macro placeholder. The floating toolbar appears.
  2. Select Edit. The right panel opens.
  3. Modify the parameters. Your changes are saved as you go.
  4. Resume editing the page, and the panel closes.

How do you insert a table of contents into Wikipedia?


  1. Create or edit a wiki page.
  2. Place the cursor where you want the table of contents to be displayed.
  3. Click the Macros list in the editor toolbar. Note: If the Macros list is not available, ask the Wikis administrator to enable it. …
  4. Select Table of Contents to add a table of contents to the page.
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How do I link sections in Confluence?

From the toolbar, select Link > Web Link then enter the website URL. Type or paste the URL onto the page (Confluence will automatically create the link).

How do I remove bullet points from table of contents?

Click on the Options button in the Table of Contents dialog and then in the Table of Contents Options dialog, scroll down through the list until you come to the items that you do not want in the table of contents and remove the numeral from the TOC level for that item.

How do I use wiki markup in Confluence?

Add custom content to the header or footer of a space. Insert a block of wiki markup (or markdown) into the editor. (Choose Insert > Markup.)

To insert markdown in the editor:

  1. Choose Insert > Markup.
  2. Select Markdown.
  3. Type or paste your text – the preview will show you how it will appear on your page.
  4. Choose Insert.

Can I edit Excel in Confluence?

You can embed Excel files on Confluence, but to edit them, you will need to use Atlassian companion (or another solution) which helps you open the file in Excel, make edits, and then updates the file on Confluence.

How do I edit a Confluence file?

To edit a file in Confluence:

  1. Go to the page containing the attached file.
  2. Click the file to open it in preview.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Your browser will prompt you open / launch the Companion app.
  5. The Companion window will appear, and your file will open in the default application for that file type.
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What is expand in Confluence?

The Expand macro displays an expandable/collapsible section of text on your page. Here is an example: Expand me… This text is hidden until you expand the section.

How do you add a UI expand in Confluence?

To add the UI Expand macro to a page

In the Confluence editor, choose Insert > Other Macros. Search for UI Expand, when found, select and insert to the page.