Quick Answer: How do you translate status in Jira?

How do I translate in Jira?

Simply select “Translate Page” from your profile menu and start translating. Translated items are immediately visible to all JIRA users with that particular language selected.

How do I change status fields in Jira?

Choose Administration ( ) > Issues. Select Statuses to open the ‘Statuses’ page. Click Add Status and complete the ‘Add Status’ form: Name — specify a short phrase that best describes your new status.

How do I translate a custom field in Jira?

Go to Administration > System, and select Custom fields. Find your custom field, and select Actions ( ) > Translate. Select a language pack that this translation will belong to, and enter the translated strings for the name and description.

How do I translate a custom field in Salesforce?

Enable Data Translation for Custom Fields

  1. From Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Data Translation Settings , and then select Data Translation Settings.
  2. Select an object to enable data translation for its custom fields. …
  3. Select the custom fields that you want to make available for data translation. …
  4. Click Save.

What are the Jira status categories?

There are 3 status categories in JIRA – ‘To Do’ (blue), ‘In Progress’ (yellow) and ‘Done’ (green). Any new statuses that you create [for use in your workflows] will be mapped to one of these core categories and will take on the same colour.

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What is a status category?

Status categories, which are referenced in many field service processes, allow you to use custom status values while maintaining a consistent work classification for tracking, reporting, and business process management.

What is in progress status in Jira?

The progress status bar shows the unestimated issues in relation to items that are estimated. This allows you to see the percentage of work done on estimated items as well as the issues that are still outstanding and require work.

How do I change the status category in Jira?

Go to Issues -> Statuses, find the required status and push the edit button.

How do I see all statuses in Jira?

If you have Jira Admin permissions you can go to Jira settings > Issues > Statuses. Here you will see all the statuses that are available and how many workflows are associated with each status.