Quick Answer: In which of the five phases of the SDLC do database development activities occur?

What is database development lifecycle?

The database development life cycle (DDLC) is a process of designing, implementing and maintaining a database system to meet strategic or operational information needs of an organisation or enterprise such as: Improved customer support and customer satisfaction.

What are the database activities involved during the analysis phase of the SDLC?

The three primary activities involved in the analysis phase are as follows: Gathering business requirement. Creating process diagrams. Performing a detailed analysis.

What stage of the SDLC system development life cycle involves training installation and testing of the new system?

Training principles and methodologies are planned during the implementation phase of the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

How a database management system processes a database?

The three primary management functions of DBMS are supporting processes that can be applied to data, for instance, modification, maintaining the database’s logic structure and managing the storage of information inside the database. … Applicable languages: Databases require query languages to issue commands.

What activities are executed during the logical database design phase of the SDLC process?

Logical Database Design: Once the evaluation and selection of a model is done, the next step in the DDLC is logical database design. This includes logical mapping or conceptual design of objects like: tables design, indexes, views, transactions, access privileges to the data, etc.

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