What are Jira duplicates?

How do I find duplicates in Jira?

The list of potential duplicates will be displayed on the right panel of any existing Jira ticket. Find Duplicates plug-in works in Create/Edit/Link Issue dialogs. Find Duplicates is also built into Jira Search box enabling instant smart search by issue key, phrase or issue number from a current project.

How do I avoid duplicate issues in Jira?

Prevent Duplicate Issues Creation

  1. Look at the summary for the current issue.
  2. Run a search for that string in the summary.
  3. For each returned issue, read its summary and look at how close a match it is to the new one.
  4. Return false (and a friendly error message) if one or more results are too close to it.

How do I close duplicate tickets in Jira?

2 answers

  1. Go into the issue’s main view via the issue key.
  2. Press More > Delete – this is assuming you have delete permissions in the permission scheme.
  3. If you don’t have delete permissions, check what the process is at your company.

How do I find similar issues in Jira?

While viewing an issue just click on Similar Issues Tab to see issues similar to current one. Just hover on the icon to see description (with rich formatting) without opening it. All of them are loaded only when needed.

Is duplicated by VS duplicate?

As nouns the difference between duplicate and duplication

is that duplicate is one that resembles or corresponds to another; an identical copy while duplication is the act of duplicating, or the state of being duplicated; a doubling; a folding over; a fold.

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