What are the processes and knowledge areas in project management?

What are knowledge areas and process groups in project management?

Generally speaking, projects require five process groups — initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. These are known as the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) process groups.

What is knowledge management in project management?

Knowledge Management (KM) in the realm of project management necessitates a programmatic methodology that brings together individuals, procedures, tools, and, undeniably, knowledge, to gratify project managers’ requirements for information. … Knowledge management addresses both present state and process information.

How many processes are there in project management?

The PMI framework of project management consists of 49 processes which are categorized in 10 knowledge areas as set out in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®, 6th edition).

What are the main processes required for project integration management?

Seven processes of project integration management

  • Develop the project charter.
  • Develop the project management plan.
  • Direct and manage project work.
  • Manage project knowledge.
  • Monitor and control project work.
  • Perform integrated change control.
  • Close the project (or project phase)

What are the seven 7 processes of project time management?

The seven processes in the Project Time Management knowledge area are:

  • Plan Schedule Management (Planning process)
  • Define Activities (Planning process)
  • Sequence Activities (Planning process)
  • Estimate Activity Resources (Planning process)
  • Estimate Activity Durations (Planning process)
  • Develop Schedule (Planning process)
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Which of the following is the process for project time management?

The following are processes in project time management: define activities, sequence activities, estimate activity resources, estimate activity durations, develop schedule, and control schedule.