What does facilitation mean in law?

What is criminal facilitation?

A person commits criminal facilitation when he or she “renders aid” to a person who is committing a crime.

What does it mean if a person is facilitating?

To facilitate means to make something easier. If your best friend is very shy, you could facilitate her efforts to meet new people. Facilitate comes from the Latin facilis, for “easy.” It means to make something easier or more likely to happen.

What is facilitation of murder mean?

Criminal facilitation

These include state statutes making it a crime to “provide” a person with “means or opportunity” to commit a crime, “believing it probable that he/she is rendering aid to a person who intends to commit a crime.”

Is facilitation a crime?

Criminal facilitation. 1. A person is guilty of criminal facilitation if he knowingly provides substantial assistance to a person intending to commit a felony and that person, in fact, commits the crime contemplated, or a like or related felony, employing the assistance so provided.

What is a facilitation charge?

Facilitation is charged when there is no express agreement between the parties to commit an offense, the defendant just instantaneously decides to help a friend in some way, without the intent that a crime be committed, or any real agreement or planning in advance to help.

What is criminal facilitation 4th degree?

Under our law, a person is guilty of Criminal Facilitation in the Fourth Degree when, believing it probable that he or she is rendering aid to a person who intends to commit a crime, he or she engages in conduct1 which provides such person with means or opportunity for the commission thereof and which in fact aids such …

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What’s another word for facilitation?

What is another word for facilitation?

assistance aid
help support
abetment abettance
backing cooperation
encouragement hand

Does facilitate mean teach?

Facilitating is very student-centered and is dedicated to learning. … In facilitation, learners and facilitators coordinate the session. In teaching, way of learning is decided by the teacher. It helps the learners to determine their own way of learning.

What is aggravated assault?

Aggravated assault is a felony that may involve an assault committed with a weapon or with the intent to commit a serious crime, such as rape. … The attacker is guilty of aggravated assault because the circumstances indicate that he assaulted Alyssa with the intent of raping her.