What does it mean when someone calls you slack?

What is a slack in British slang?

British Dictionary definitions for slack (1 of 2)

slack 1. / (slæk) / adjective. not tight, tense, or taut. negligent or careless.

What does slack slack mean?

If you slow down at the end of a race, you slack off. When you use slack this way, it means to reduce your speed, to be sluggish, or to be negligent. If something is loose, it’s also said to be slack.

How do you use the word slack?

Some of the ropes were completely slack.

  1. The string around the parcel was slack.
  2. He tightened a few slack screws.
  3. She was staring into space, her mouth slack.
  4. The rope suddenly went slack.
  5. Let the reins go slack.
  6. These tent ropes are too slack – they need tightening.
  7. Keep the rope slack until I tell you to pull it.

What is slack message?

Slack is a messaging app for business that connects people to the information they need. By bringing people together to work as one unified team, Slack transforms the way organizations communicate.

Why is slack called slack?

Slack, technically, is an acronym for “Searchable Log of All Conversation & Knowledge.” But he also liked it because it was “just nice to say.” It was supposed to be a short term placeholder. It became the company’s calling card.

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What is a slack face?

1. A facial expression that is neutral; the facial muscles are relaxed. 2. Also used to describe a person who is exhausted and spent, utterly drained of energy.

Is Cut me some slack an idiom?

This idiom is informal and originated around the mid-1900s. It alludes to the slackening of tautness in a rope or sail. … Rather, it comes from its other definition, the loose part of a sail or rope, which comes from the late-1700s. Therefore to cut someone some slack means to loosen a tight restriction.

What is the sentence of slack?

Slack sentence example. Sarah, please, cut me some slack here. We were alerted only by the feel of the screwdriver’s slack penetration. He smiled at Sarah who was staring, slack jawed.

Can you tell if someone has read your message on Slack?

Unfortunately there is no read receipt feature, although it is on their dev backlog according to this Tweet thread. There isn’t much you can do outside of asking if they saw it. Some other possibilities: Look at their screen to see if their Slack app is showing the unread message notification.

What happens when you mention someone on Slack?

Mention teammates

The member(s) will be notified. The member(s) won’t be notified, but you’ll have the option to invite them to the channel or do nothing. The member(s) won’t be notified or allowed to join the conversation.

How do you Slack someone?

From anywhere in Slack, click the compose button next to your workspace name in the top left. Type the name of a person (up to eight) or channel in the To: field. Type and format your message in the message field. Click the paper plane icon to send your message.

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