What does Uki stand for in dog agility?

What is Uki power and speed?

Power & Speed

The goal of this game is to test the dog’s versatility on a course designed in two parts. The first part is the power section followed by the second part, the speed section with a maximum of 20 total obstacles and a minimum of 17.

What is Uki Masters Series?

Masters Series (runs at both Cups and Classics)

Consists of an Agility round and a Jumping round with results combined. Running order for the 2nd class will be in reverse order of placement of the first round. Cumulative scoring; dog with the lowest score wins.

What is Speedstakes in Uki agility?

UKI supports two Programs, The International Program and The Speedstakes Program, which enable dogs to progress up the levels of the Programs by gathering the required total of points set per level. Points are awarded on the basis of wins and class placements that are qualifying rounds.

How high should my dog jump in agility?

The following jump height divisions shall be used in all trial Regular classes: 8 Inches: For dogs 11 inches and under at the withers. 12 Inches: For dogs 14 inches and under at the withers. … 24 Inches: For dogs over 22 inches at the withers.

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