What is a benefit of capacity allocation scaled agile?

What is SAFe capacity agile?

Capacity is an estimated value that potentially can be delivered that is determined during PI planning. It is based on Velocity and modified for the realities of anticipated holidays, staffing absences or changes. … Load is the team’s committed value of the number of points the team intends to deliver in a sprint or PI.

What is a capability in Scaled Agile?

A Capability is a higher-level solution behavior that typically spans multiple ARTs. Capabilities are sized and split into multiple features to facilitate their implementation in a single PI.

What is one key benefit of a backlog refinement session SAFe agile?

By refining the backlog, teams can close gaps in their understanding of the stories and become closely aligned on the work. The most effective teams have a shared understanding of the work to be done to solve the business problem at hand. To create a shared understanding, conversation must take place.

What is capacity agile?

Capacity is how much availability the team has for the sprint. This may vary based on team members being on vacation, ill, etc. The team should consider capacity in determining how many product backlog items to plan for a sprint.

What are two benefits of applying cadence?


  • Wait times become predictable. …
  • By facilitating planning, cadence enables more efficient use of people and resources.
  • It lowers the transaction costs of key events, including planning, integration, demos, feedback, and retrospectives.
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How do you write a good feature in agile?

How to write features?

  1. Define benefit hypothesis — what will be the gain the functionality to bring to the users. It represents the “Why”.
  2. Evaluate the business value. There are multiple ways of calculating the business value from simple systems to complex ones. …
  3. Description. …
  4. Define acceptance criteria.