What is chat in Microsoft teams?

How do you use Microsoft teams chat?

Send and read messages in Teams

  1. Select New chat. at the top of the app to start a new conversation.
  2. Type the name or names into the To field at the top of your new chat.
  3. Compose your message in the box at the bottom of the chat. To open your formatting options, select Format. beneath the box.

What is the difference between chat and conversation in Teams?

Chats: Chats can be one-to-one or one-to-many. The chat conversation (message) is a back-n-forth between individuals or groups and all interactions/replies are contained within the chat. This also includes any attachments. … There are no ‘threads’ to reply as the entire chat is the conversation.

Who can see my Teams chats?

Team channels are places where everyone on the team can have open conversations. Private chats are only visible to those people in the chat.

Why can’t I see chat in Teams?

Try performing a full logout followed by a full login. This will reset your connection to the Microsoft Teams servers. Sign out of your Teams account and restart your computer. Then log back in and check if the chat area is fully functional.

When should I use team chat?

Each message notifies users so use it when you need immediate answers from ALL those colleague. Think about it as a phone call or a skype chat, some info you don’t want to save for the team… That is why day to day discussion, information that could be deleted or forgotten, could go to a conversation.

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Can I delete Teams chat history?

For more help, contact support or ask a question in the Microsoft Teams Community. From the Chat tab, find the chat you want to delete. Note: You can delete one-on-one, group, and meeting chats. and then confirm that you want to delete it by tapping Yes, delete.