What is configuration management responsibilities?

What is configuration management role?

Configuration management is the discipline that ensures every company-owned software or hardware is in the record and is being tracked all the time. It ensures all the future planning and changes regarding these assets are known and are being updated in the records regularly.

Who is responsible for configuration management?

Project Manager – will produce the Configuration Management Plan and include within the Project Management plan. Responsible for ensuring all who work on the project are aware of the Configuration Management Plan and understand how the plan works.

What is the goal of a configuration manager?

The purpose of Configuration Management is to identify, record, control, report, audit and verify service assets and configuration items, including baselines, versions, constituent components, their attributes, and relationships.

What is included in configuration management?

Configuration management is a process for maintaining computer systems, servers, and software in a desired, consistent state. … Managing IT system configurations involves defining a system’s desired state—like server configuration—then building and maintaining those systems.

What does a configuration management analyst do?

A configuration management analyst is responsible for configuring various databases and technological infrastructures for their organization. This position is highly valuable in companies of all sizes, and these analysts generally work traditional business hours.


Which of the following tasks does Configuration Manager?

Configuration Manager console tasks

Deploy applications, software updates, maintenance scripts, and operating systems.

What are the activities of configuration management?

Definition. Configuration management encompasses the technical and administrative activities concerned with the creation, maintenance, controlled change and quality control of the scope of work.

What is the first step of configuration management?

The first step in the process is planning and identification. In this step, the goal is to plan for the development of the software project and identify the items within the scope.

Why configuration management Plan is used?

The purpose of a Configuration Management Plan is to define a project’s structure and methods for: Identifying, defining, and baselining configuration items (CI) Controlling modifications and releases of CIs. Reporting and recording status of CIs and any requested modifications.

What is a configuration management plan?

Configuration Management (CM) is the ongoing process of identifying and managing changes to deliverables and other work products. The Configuration Management Plan (CM Plan) is developed to define, document, control, implement, account for, and audit changes to the various components of this project.

What can SCCM do?

What is it? Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) provides a comprehensive tool for change and configuration management for Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/XP platforms. It enables organizations to push out relevant operating systems, applications, and updates to Windows users quickly and cost-effectively.