What is remote facilitation?

What does online facilitation mean?

Online facilitation is the technique of enabling and promoting learning in an online environment by means of encouraging interaction with and between students and supporting interactive online learning activities. This activity is suitable for low-, medium- and high-impact approaches.

What is an example of facilitation?

Facilitation skills are the abilities you use to provide opportunities and resources to a group of people that enable them to make progress and succeed. Some examples include being prepared, setting guidelines, being flexible, active listening and managing time.

How do you do online facilitation?

Top 10 Tips for Online Facilitators

  1. Encourage active participation. …
  2. Don’t lecture… …
  3. Encourage group collaboration. …
  4. Make the information you’re providing “bite-sized” …
  5. Tie the eLearning course into real-life scenarios or situations. …
  6. Set clear goals, ground rules, and expectations. …
  7. Keep the conversation on the subject at hand.

How do you facilitate remote workshops?

Use two monitors to observe both the participants and activities. Encourage everyone to turn on their video, especially in smaller groups. Reduce your planned activities by 20% compared to in-person workshops. Try remote sketching with small groups of participants.

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How do I run a workshop remote?

Top tips:

  1. Take new participants through the features so they know how to use them.
  2. Set the ground rules on the call.
  3. Allow extra time when participants are moving from one template to another.
  4. Use two screens (if you can) so you have one for the video and one for working through the workshop templates.

What’s another word for facilitation?

What is another word for facilitation?

assistance aid
help support
abetment abettance
backing cooperation
encouragement hand

What do facilitators do?

What Is a Facilitator? The definition of facilitate is “to make easy” or “ease a process.” What a facilitator does is plan, guide and manage a group event to ensure that the group’s objectives are met effectively, with clear thinking, good participation and full buy-in from everyone who is involved.

Who is facilitate?

To facilitate means to make something easier. If your best friend is very shy, you could facilitate her efforts to meet new people. Facilitate comes from the Latin facilis, for “easy.” It means to make something easier or more likely to happen. You facilitate growth or a process, as opposed to, say, dinner.

How do you use facilitate?

Facilitate in a Sentence

  1. The translator will facilitate the conversation between the immigrant and the attorney.
  2. According to the contract, a mediator will facilitate the settling of our dispute.
  3. The hotel concierge will facilitate car service for guests who do not have their own transportation.

What is the legal definition of facilitation?

Facilitation is a type of Alternative Dispute Resolution that uses various techniques to enhance and improve the information that is available during a negotiation, so that parties are better able to reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

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How do you deliver a virtual workshop?

VTT’s top 20 tips on how to run and facilitate a virtual workshop

  1. Get everyone on webcam. …
  2. Try for one device per person. …
  3. Schedule breaks for long sessions. …
  4. Manage the audio. …
  5. Be inclusive. …
  6. Watch your timing. …
  7. Remember, everything takes longer in virtual settings. …
  8. Know where you can flex.

What are the facilitation techniques?

10 meeting facilitation techniques to improve your skills

  • Begin your meetings with a quick check-in.
  • Review desired outcomes and agenda items.
  • Assign meeting roles.
  • Practice active listening.
  • Synthesize the main themes to reframe the conversation.
  • Pause and allow for reflection. …
  • Encourage and balance participation.