What is test cycle in Jira?

What is a test cycle?

A Test Cycle is a container for tests and test suites that spans multiple users and projects. The result of each test that is executed inside a Test Cycle is persisted to the database, regardless of whether the test is inside a suite or not.

Where is test cycle in Jira?

Click the Dropdown icon in the issue’s Zephyr Scale section, then click Create Test Cycle. The Create Test Cycle screen appears. Enter your testing information on each of the tabs. The Jira issue is automatically linked on the Traceability tab of the new test cycle.

What is the purpose of test cycles?

A Test Cycle is a container that shows a high-level summary of its underlyingTest Suites and Test Runs, including the execution results of these tests and any Defects found. Within a given Release, you may need to execute many types of tests.

What is test set in Jira?

A Test Set is a collection of Tests and your Test can be referenced in more than one Test Set, however it’s always the same Test. When you create a Test Execution, it will be associated with this same Test.

What is locked cycle test?

A series of repetitive batch tests in which the middling products generated in one test are added to the subsequent test to simulate the operations of a continuous process in which intermediate-grade materials are recycled. Each test is referred to as a ‘cycle.

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How do I run a test cycle in Jira?

To execute the test cases follow the following steps:

  1. We can execute test cases by using the drop-down list in the ‘Status’ column of the test execution table within the testing cycle. …
  2. Then execute the individual step of the test by clicking on the drop-down list in the ‘Status’ column.

How do I clone a test cycle in Jira?

Cloning a Test Cycle

  1. Ensure you’re in the Cycles view.
  2. Select a test cycle you want to clone.
  3. Click Clone. The Clone Test Cycle screen appears. …
  4. Click Clone. The new test cycle opens to the Details tab, where you can make updates. …
  5. Click Save when you’re finished making changes to the cloned test case.

How do I create a test in Jira?


  1. Create. To create a new test issue follow these steps: Step 1: Click Create Issue at the top of the screen to open the Create Issue dialog box/page.
  2. Step 2: Select the Project. On Issue Type, select Test. …
  3. Step 4: When you are satisfied with the content of your test, click the Create button.

What is a test cycle in qTest?

Test Cycles show a high-level summaries of the associated Test Suites and Test Runs, including the execution results of these tests and any Defects found, and can be useful for separating different areas of testing within a Release.