What is the difference between a work package and a project component?

What is the difference between a work package and a planning package?

Planning Package- A work breakdown structure component below the control account with known work content but without detailed schedule activities. … Work Package- The work defined at the lowest level of the work breakdown structure for which cost and duration can be estimated and managed.

What is an example of a work package?

What is a Work Package?: A Workpackage Example. There are teams involved: the carpenters, roofers, architects, and painters; you can break it down into smaller tasks (paint the deck by tomorrow, finish the kitchen in a month, etc.); and it has an overall manager. Voila! Those are your workpackages.

How do you define a work package?

A work package is a group of related tasks within a project. Because they look like projects themselves, they are often thought of as sub-projects within a larger project. Work packages are the smallest unit of work that a project can be broken down into when creating your Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

What are the key characteristics of a work package?

A work package is generally decided on due to the following characteristics they have in common:

  • Nature of work involved (e.g. marketing, programming, etc.)
  • Outcomes of the tasks.
  • Geographical location where tasks take place.
  • Time when tasks will be completed.
  • Technology or materials that will be used.
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What is a project package?

A project package is a file that contains all maps and the data referenced by its layers, as well as folder connections, toolboxes, geoprocessing history, and attachments. … You can also use project packages to create an archive of a particular project that contains a snapshot of its current state.

How do you make a work package?

Rules to create a work breakdown structure

  1. Include 100% of the work necessary to complete the goal.
  2. Don’t account for any amount of work twice.
  3. Focus on outcomes, not actions.
  4. A work package should take no less than 8 hours and no more than 80 hours of effort.
  5. Include about three levels of detail.

What should a well defined work package include?

Quality Criteria for Work Package

  • The Work Package is well defined and understood by the Team Manager / team members.
  • A baselined Product Description exists for each required product, with clearly identified and acceptable quality criteria.
  • Acceptable standards for the work are agreed.

What is a work package in agile?

A work package is a set of information about one or more required products collated by the project manager to pass responsibility for work or delivery formally to a team manager or team member.