What skills do you need to be a technical program manager?

What is a role of technical program manager?

Technical program managers (TPMs) are in charge of handling all aspects of technical projects for their organization. They are responsible for initiating programs, following their progress, and serving as support providers in case issues arise. … Make sure project meets deadlines and is completed within budget.

What makes a good TPM?

You would be a good fit for a TPM role if you are: Creative, innovative, and take great pride in delivering results and the positive business results of their work. Detail-oriented with a demonstrated ability to self-motivate and follow-through on projects.

How do I become a technical program manager?

Career Path: How to Become a Technical Program Manager

  1. An aptitude for software development.
  2. A degree in a relevant field.
  3. Demonstrated experience with overseeing teams on a project basis.
  4. An understanding of common business practices.
  5. A willingness to cater to clients as needed.

How much does TPM make?

TPM Salaries

Job Title Salary
Facebook TPM salaries – 2 salaries reported $61/hr
LinkedIn TPM salaries – 2 salaries reported $187,280/yr
HBO TPM salaries – 2 salaries reported $39/hr
iLink-Systems TPM salaries – 2 salaries reported $114,516/yr

What does success look like for a technical program manager?

The most successful TPM candidates will have the technical expertise to give them street cred with their staff, the soft skills to make them good at managing others, and the business savvy to help them communicate with upper management.

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Is TPM a good role?

A TPM differs slightly from a product manager (PM) in that TPMs work more closely with the development team. This is a great role for those interested in software who want to lead, manage, or use their creative skills.

What is the career path for TPM?

Career Trajectory

Within TPM, you can grow into a manager/director of TPMs or become a senior TPM individual contributor (IC). Senior TPM ICs manage programs of extraordinarily large scope, usually spanning multiple organizations, from conception to launch.