What versions of JIRA are supported?

What are the versions of Jira?

New bugfix versions are released for three Jira feature versions: Latest version, Jira 8.13 LTS, and Jira 8.5 LTS.

What is the most current version of Jira?

8 October 2020. We’re pleased to present Jira Software 8.13.

What platform does Jira run on?

We only support Jira running on x86 hardware and 64-bit derivatives of x86 hardware. If you are installing Jira from an archive, create a dedicated user account on the operating system to run Jira, since Jira runs as the user it is invoked under, it can potentially be abused.

What is the version in Jira software?

What is a version in Jira Software? In Jira Software, versions represent points-in-time for a project. They help you organize your work by giving you milestones to aim for. You can assign issues in your project to a specific version, and organize your sprints around completing work in that version.

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How do versions work in Jira?

Versions are points-in-time for a project. They help you schedule and organize your releases. Once a version is created and issues are assigned to it, you can use the version to filter information in various reports. If you’ve integrated Jira with Bamboo, you can start a build automatically.

How do I upgrade to the latest version of Jira?

Go to Administration ( ) > Applications > Versions and licenses. Update Jira Service Management. This will automatically update Jira Service Management to a compatible version.

What is the difference between Jira core and Jira software?

Jira Core is purpose built for business teams to manage their work. You can create business type projects. … Jira Software is purpose built to be the tool for agile teams to organise, track and do software development.

Is Jira going away?

In 2024, Atlassian is retiring our self-managed server offerings. You probably already got the memo. We made the announcement in late 2020, and already many customers have started making big moves. Some migrated right away.

What is the difference between JIRA server and Jira cloud?

When deciding between installing Jira Cloud or Jira Server, it’s all about what your needs are. Jira Cloud will offer more integration and easier maintenance and use. Jira Server will allow more control and security but at the cost of simplicity.

Does Jira run on SQL?

Generally, running SQL against a JIRA database is the worst way to do any form of reporting. It is not designed to be reported on. … To run your SQL, you will need a database tool to connect to the database.

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What database is best for Jira?

Postgres is probably the most widely used, because of the combination of cost and that Atlassian develop for it first, and use it for Cloud. I tend to recommend Postgres second, for those reasons, then often MySQL third, Oracle fourth, and MS-SQL last.

Does Jira support SQL Server 2019?

To officially support Microsoft SQL Server 2019 as one of the Jira supported databases.

How do I know what version of Jira software I have?

You can check Jira Software version on the footer of any page in JIRA. It will be written in grey font. Or you can go to Applicatons->Versions and Licenses. You can see there the verisons of Jira Software, Jira Service Desk and Jira Core.

How do I manage versions in Jira?

Managing a project’s versions

  1. Choose Administration ( ) > Projects, and select the relevant project.
  2. Choose Versions in the left menu. The Versions page is displayed, showing a list of versions and each version’s status. From here you can manage the project’s versions as described on this page.

Does Jira have an API?

The Jira Software and Jira Service Management applications have REST APIs for their application-specific features, like sprints (Jira Software) or customer requests (Jira Service Management). If you haven’t used the Jira REST APIs before, make sure you read the Atlassian REST API policy.