Who facilitates the Agile Release Train sync meeting?

What is one of the Agile Release train sync meeting?

The Agile Release Train meeting (Art-Sync) helps to follow up the progress of the program and to solve important problems (impediments). The following is handled in this meeting: Global progress on objectives and features. Risks and issues that need to be escalated to other teams or to the program level.

What is a release train manager?

A release train engineer (RTE) is a servant leader who facilitates program level processes and execution, drives continuous development, manages risks and escalates impediments while also acting as a full time chief scrum master for a Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

Who facilitates solution Train events quizlet?

Program Level – is a servant leader and the chief Scrum Master for the train. The RTE facilitates optimizing the flow of value through the program using various mechanisms, such as the Program Kanban, Inspect & Adapt workshop, PI Planning, and more. Large Solution Level – Is the ultimate buyer of every solution.

Who is responsible for managing the portfolio kanban?

Epic Owners are responsible for coordinating portfolio Epics through the Portfolio Kanban system. They collaboratively define the epic, its Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and Lean business case, and when approved, facilitate implementation.

Which function is responsible for ensuring that the Agile Release Train?

The Release Train Engineer (RTE) tracks the Features and Capabilities release dates. The RTE conducts the PI planning events for each ART. The RTE is responsible for ensuring the required stakeholders attend the two-day event and that all the logistics for the successful completion of the event are in place.

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Who should attend the Po sync?

In a manner similar to the SoS, a PO sync is often held for Product Owners and Product Management. This event typically occurs weekly, or more frequently, as needed. The PO sync is also timeboxed (30 – 60 minutes) and is followed by a meet after to solve any problems.