Why is epic name blank in Jira?

Why are epics not visible in Jira?

Could be too late, though might be helpful to others – if epics do not show, check the filter settings (Board settings > General > Filter > Edit filter query), could be that some users that are assigned to these Epics are not ticked or the Epics are not ticked in the statuses.

What is the epic name in Jira?

Epic name is what you see in the “Epic Panel” on a scrum backlog and also Epic name is used as the “Epic link” in the linked story. Whereas Summary is just the normal JIRA field.

How do I show epic name in Confluence?

Steps to Reproduce

  1. JIRA: Create an Epic and add a Task to it (e.g TASK-1).
  2. Confluence. Create a page. Add a JIRA Issue Macro. Look for TASK-1 and expand “Display Options” Set the display to Table and add “Epic Name” under “Columns to display”. Add the macro and save the page.

How do I enable epic in Jira?

Here’s how you can set this up in Jira Software:

  1. Navigate to the Backlog (or active sprint).
  2. Select more ( ) > Board settings.
  3. Click on Swimlanes.
  4. Under Base swimlanes on, select Epics.
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How do I show epics on Kanban board?

Go to the Backlog of your Kanban project. Click EPICS on the left side of the board (aligned vertically) to open it.

How do I add an epic name in Jira?

Add the Epic Name to the Default Issue Type Screen to allow users to edit Epic Name from Epic’s Issue page.

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Issues -> Screen.
  2. Look for the specific Screen used by the Epic. …
  3. Click “Configure” beside the Screen used by the Epic/
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page, search for “Epic Name” and add it.

Can epic be linked to epic in Jira?

By definition, you cannot link an Epic to another Epic. However, there’s a bug in most recent version of Jira Cloud that in fact allows you to do this. Steps to reproduce: Create an Epic.

How do I add an epic field in Jira?

1 answer

  1. Have Jira Software installed.
  2. Have admin access to the project and/or system.
  3. Add the Epic Link field to the create screen of the issue type in question in your project.