You asked: Does trello have history?

Does Trello keep history?

Trello shows a historial log of everything that any user has done since the board’s inception. Likewise, if you click on a specific card it shows the history of anything anyone has done related to that card.

Does Trello have an activity log?

Activity. The activity feed lets you view all of the changes that occur across your entire board. When you click ‘View all activity’ at the bottom of the activity feed, you have the ability to view only comments.

Can Trello track progress?

Progress for Trello. Track the overall completion of your Trello-based project by counting cards, scrum points, and checklists.

How do I delete a Trello activity?

To delete a card, you must first archive it. Click the card to open it, then choose “Archive” from the bottom right. After archiving, a new “Delete” option will be available. Because deleting a card is unrecoverable and permanent, this requires a confirmation click.

How do I recover a description in Trello?

Log into Trello in Chrome or Firefox. Go to[card ID]/actions? filter=updateCard:desc, replacing [card ID] with the card ID you noted above.

Can you undo on trello?

While viewing a board or a card, you can undo recent actions that you’ve taken by simply pressing `Z`. Each time you press it, your most recent card action will be undone. For example, if you add a label to a card, pressing `Z` while viewing that card will remove that label.

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What does trello do?

Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and where something is in a process. Imagine a white board, filled with lists of sticky notes, with each note as a task for you and your team.

What does Butler do in Trello?

It lets you automate a series of actions on a schedule, based on when a specific action occurs in Trello, or at the click of a button—just create the command you want Butler to execute, and it will automatically react to changes on your boards, handling all manual work for you.

How do I add an activity in Trello?

Add Checklists via the “Add Checklist” button in the “Add” section of the card back. Enter a title (or use the default “Checklist”), then click ‘Add’. Add a checklist from the card back.

Why can’t I see my cards in Trello?

If you can’t see all your Trello cards in the browser, try if you can access and open them via the mobile app. If this is a temporary issue affecting only the browser version of the app, you should be able to access all of your cards in the mobile app.

Does Trello have Swimlanes?

Swimlanes for Trello. Support arranging Trello lists into horizontal swimlanes. … This lightweight, keep-it-simple extension for Trello allows you to create multiple horizontal “swimlanes” of lists. Just add the | character or swimmer emoji to the header of any list that should start a swimlane, and you’re all set!

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How do I track an activity in Trello?

New Feature

  1. Open a card, pick a date, a team member, add a description of the work, and log the number of hours spent. …
  2. Create reports grouped by cards or team members within a date range to get a detailed view on the project’s progress. …
  3. Export reports into Excel or CSV for your records.